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Changing it up is

Every day we think about things we could have done. Things that would have noticeable improvements in our lives. The problem is, modern life is set up to promote inactivity and inaction - and it's only in hindsight we catch the problem.

We can beat hindsight together!


Owner, Instructor (RYT200)

Specialties in Hatha, Vinyasa, Chair, Restorative, Yin, and Breathwork Meditation

Gamer, Advocate, Artist, Musician, Nerd for all things creative

Ethan Klee

in 2020 I took my personal practice to the next level

As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I found the call to yoga and meditation as treatment almost demeaning at first -

like someone was telling me to just "breathe through it."

In hindsight, that's exactly the advice I'd give myself - the delivery just needed some work. As I learned more about yoga (and myself) I realized the barriers that exist between healthy fitness and mental health. A dancer, choreographer, musician, and vinyl enthusiast, I felt there had to be ways to lessen this boundary.

I decided to pair yoga with music in a more intimate way - leading to an intention based yoga format that gets people grooving on the mat

AND in their lives

I want to help you break the cycle!

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Help you break the cycle of inactivity with reliable, accessible, fun, and energizing yoga tools

My Goal:

Home Bio
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Behavior informs Thought

Commit to getting to your mat! Whether joining us for an online class, or even just choosing a time every day to sit for a minute on your mat with your eyes closed.


Thought informs Feeling

With the habit of getting to your mat built, we move to habitually incorporate accessible tools from yoga into our daily life as simple as breathwork and seated stretches. Our online classes feature techniques specifically for use in daily routines.


Feeling informs Behavior

It's easy to fall off once we feel the difference a routine is making. Flipside classes aim to teach second-nature tools informed by yoga to keep you self-motivated - even when routines get interrupted.

How we make it

3 Steps
Email Lis

Getting to the mat for just 10 minutes a day - carving out that time just for you is the most important step. When you're ready, join us on Twitch for free online classes that will teach you tools to bring with you every day to reduce momentary stress, assign mindfulness, and help you break the cycles of inactivity and inaction. 

Take the First Step Today!

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Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Zach Litzinger, MN

Professional, fun, and exhausting!

Such a good job of having a welcoming experience that is approachable and makes (for me) strenuous exercise fun!!

Mathew Fischbach, MN

I've taken a class with Flipside Yoga once and had a great time! Using actual records for the music is a cool addition to the already pretty relaxing atmosphere and routine. 5/5 would recommend!

Harrison P., MN

I've done a few yoga sessions with Ethan at Flipside Yoga. Whether I wanted to be more mindful in my movement, stretch out sore muscles, or learn more about health/fitness/clean eating, Ethan was very knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to many more sessions there.

Questions? Reach out!

We are always happy to answer any questions related to our services, classes, or suggestions on class topics!

Want to Support the Studio?

Our virtual classes are kept free in hopes of keeping our mission and yoga as accessible as possible. The best way to support us and help keep these classes free is to tip our instructors, shop our merch, or attend our in person classes!




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