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You don't have to be a master to get the best out of Yoga. Our studio is dedicated to bringing mindfulness to your practice, but what does that even mean?
It could mean setting an intent at the beginning of class, getting lost in the audio-rich environment, or the stillness of your breath, getting your maximum sweat on, or even just learning new postures. Your experience is yours, just let us know how we can help get you there.

We will be opening in Minneapolis, March of 2021, and are excited to share an experience focused on helping our clients better their connection to themselves, their environments, and to the things that matter most to them.


We believe in the power of a complete experience. Our classes deliver high-fidelity music and ambient RGB lighting to empower your practice (check out our Vinyl Vinyasa classes), paired with encouraging and knowledgeable teachers who love to learn as much as they love to teach.


Flipside Yoga

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Coming Soon! Minneapolis, MN

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