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The Anatomy of a

Vinyl Vinyasa™ Class

Vinyl Vinyasa™ is Flipside and Ethan's signature class style. At its core, this is a vinyasa practice meant to energize and invigorate the body with strength building and myofascial relaxing postures. Meanwhile, your internal rhythm synchronizes with the beat around you and the breath within you.

This class is in part informed by the Cognitive Behavioral Treatment practice called "Behavioral Activation", a concept that in short links psychological goals of breaking cycles of depression to integrating movement routines. 

Set to Vinyl music, this high-fidelity, high-energy class will get you sweating, deepen mindful connection, and give you a few new songs to add to your Spotify (or albums to your vinyl collection!).

Stretching the Spine Six Ways


The spine naturally moves in six directions. Starting off practice, we warm up the core of our somatic nervous system, readying our muscles, spinal cord, and nervous system for practice.

  • Spinal Extension

    • lengthens the spine, ​expands the chest, strengthens the lungs and facilitates deep breathing

  • Spinal Flexion

    • expands the backbody, stretches the back of the lungs, tones the abdomen​

  • Lateral Side Bending

    • in each direction, lengthens the sidebody, improving ribcage mobility​, stretches often neglected muscles and organs

  • Twists

    • in each direction, increases vertebrae mobility, hydrates intervertabral disks, and massages digestive organs(you can imagine some of the benefits)

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