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Events and Workshops

Events and Workshops!

Here you will find upcoming popup locations, events, and multi-class workshops!

Flipside is intrinsically tied to music, being that our signature style is Vinyl Vinyasa! You can see us and guests in action in various events such as music festivals, and Record Store Day® in-store celebrations.

We also offer various workshops of our own design, including one-off and multi-class energetic and physical topics, as well as yoga set to live music, and of course Vinyl Vinyasa popup events.

Learn how yoga gives access to "the force", why music gives us goosebumps, or join a class designed around your favorite super hero or video game character!


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Vinyl Vinyasa is popping up around Minneapolis! Be the first in the know, join our event email list or follow us on social media!

Vinyl Vinyasa Popup

Upcoming Events

Want to book yoga for your upcoming event? Are you a musician who'd like to accompany a live music yoga event?

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