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Class Variey (In Person)

Class Variety

Our classes are honed primarily from Vinyasa practice, but that's not all we offer! With specialization in a wide breadth of yoga styles and adaptations, we can cater each class to our student's needs.


Please let us know you are coming to class ahead of time if you have injuries, conditions, or other statuses that may require special attention, modification, or limit your ability to take on certain postures.​ Ethan is certified in Chair yoga and other styles for otherly-abled persons.

Hover over each class for a description.

Vinyl Vin.png

Vinyl Vinyasa

Our signature class! A vinyasa yoga class set to vinyl hits. This class combines the best of restorative and vinyasa style yogas, all catered to helping our students immerse themselves in the yoga experience. This class is open to all skill levels.

Image by Damir Spanic

Beginner's Flow

A slower-paced flow class geared towards those new to yoga or preferring a slightly gentler class. Time is spent breaking down sun salutations and poses fundamental to a Vinyasa practice. Props and modifications offered for proper alignment and ease in the postures.

Childs Pose


Most of life is Yang (busy, bright), so in this class we balance it with equal and opposing forces. Expect to relax in postures that add a light stretch to your body’s connective tissues. Postures are held for 3-5 minutes, occasionally longer. Breathwork and meditation are core to this class.

Outdoor Pushups


At its core is Vinyasa yoga, and we spice things up with bodyweight exercises and cardio bursts. We breathe, move, and hold postures in ways that will strengthen your Vinyasa practice. All levels.

Image by Katie Bush


This particular class helps build a strong core from which one can transition into new positions and exercises, while encouraging mindfulness practices. This flow centers around awareness of moving to breath, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a wide range of experience.

Check out the Vinyl Vinyasa class

Mudra Meditation


In this specialized style of guided meditation, we breathe and occasionally move through seated and laying postures in ways that relax and restore. All levels. Some classes are candlelit as able.


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