Ethan Klee

Instructor, Owner


"I used to be obsessed with the balance between mind, body, and spirit - believing that I had to train myself equally in three parts. When I started viewing them not as three distinct things, but each a way of interacting with the world, yoga got easy."

Ethan created Flipside Yoga to bring yoga to populations he saw could use it. From hobbyists like vinyl collectors to scuba divers, Ethan loves catering sequences to his client's niche interests and needs, and brings a unique and complete experience to those he serves.

Alyssa Erding

Head Instructor, Bodywork Specialist


"I am committed to sustainable wellness--body, mind, spirit, and community. I believe that you have to put yourself first, always, because you are the only person you have to spend forever with. In all honesty, I struggle to do that. I live as authentically as I can, and I still make mistakes. We’re all learning, and we’re all perfectly imperfect."

Alyssa is our head instructor at Flipside Yoga. Together with Ethan, she makes sure our classes are catered to our clients and assures the quality of our class plans. She is the pioneer for the FitFlow format, and is your go-to for athletic cross training.


Flipside Yoga

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